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Conditions addressed by Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology are:
Typical symptoms of pain of the neck, back, leg, arm, shoulder, hands and feet; also headaches, dizziness, weakness of arms or legs, numbness and tingling.
Other conditions that you may not realize can be helped are hiatal hernia and digestive problems, jaw pain, post concussion syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, infant colic, fatigue, and loss of sleep.
Another area that can benefit from Chiropractic and AK is sports injuries. Athletic injuries often heal faster and more completely with acute treatment and fixing underlying causative factors. Chronic injuries often need this type of care, as conventional therapy does not address the subtle and deeper reasons for the pain and lack of proper function.
Athletic performance can also be enhanced with AK and Chiropractic. Tuning up the nervous system for optimal function ensures the best muscle strength, balance, and coordination. Treatment over the course of conditioning and practice and, especially pre-game, can provide great results. Many professional athletes have used this approach to keep them at their peak levels of performance.

Conditions addressed by Asyra are:
ADD/ADHD, allergies, digestive disorders, headaches, and many subtle problems for which other treatments have not been successful.

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