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The basic premise of Chiropractic is to focus on the spine because that is where the nervous system is located. The brain is like a computer and the spinal cord, like a main cable, goes down from the brain through the spine. The spine is composed of individual bones called vertebrae. The nerves come out of the spine at each level of the vertebrae like wires to all parts of the body. If there is a physical problem at any level of the spine, such as tension, twisting, or fixation then the nerves will not work properly. The result is pain, muscle weakness, or organ dysfunction. Adjusting, or correcting, the spine restores normal nerve function and eliminates pain.
Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology is a chiropractic method that uses muscle testing to learn more about the nervous system in the muscles and other body systems. It incorporates many natural healing principals and allows a more comprehensive approach to analysis and treatment. Applied Kinesiology involves working from head to toe and all in between. The body guides the doctor to where the problem is located.
This chiropractic technique provides another way to correct imbalances of the nervous system. In simple terms, it works by showing your computer (brain) where the problem is located and then activating the reset button to bring that location back online. It complements Applied Kinesiology as another method for better correction.
Pain Neutralization Technique
PNT, as it is called, is a technique that gently reduces or eliminates the pain of muscle trigger points and other nerve reflex pain.
Nutritional Supplementation
Nutritional supplements, herbs, and other remedies are used to support and replenish various body systems. Specific components for rebuilding injuries and restoring function can be essential for faster, optimum recovery.
Asyra is a method of advanced health analysis performed by computer. See the ASYRA page.

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